Friday, 2 May 2014

Instagrannies' Day Out

Well I have to say, the writing's going well so far and I must admit, I'm really rather enjoying the whole process.
But as we know, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so it was with great excitement I went off to our second Instagrannies' day out (the first seems so long ago...)

Image from here
This is the meeting place (Barnett Hill, near Guildford).
Isn't it lovely?

It's a beautiful house, built in 1905 by the grandson of Thomas Cook, the Travel Agent. It was later given to the Red Cross and used as a convalescence hospital during the war years and then as a training facility. Now, it's a conference centre. 
History lesson over.
Oi, you at the back, wake up.

Anyhoos, the super-gorgeous ShabbyChicSarah is the brains of the outfit and decided to invite the gals of Instagram to a little meet-up. And so, for a very reasonable fee, we travel from far and wide and get together.

Tea is sipped.
Homemade cakes and biscuits are nibbled at.

Look at all the crafty stuff

We sit, chat and bring our projects to work on and there is sewing and crochet and knitting and embroidery and lots and lots of laughter.
(And we also eat a great big lunch. Four courses, no less).
And before we know it, our time has come to an end and we mourn how quickly our day has passed.

Plenty of yarn
Busy bees. There's Ashley from CountryRoseCrafts, too!
But new friends have been made and ideas have been shared. Tips and tricks have been wondered at and stories have been told.
And there is the promise of another get-together in the summer....

...I will be there. With bells on.

Yours truly and the lovely Sarah (not so shabby, really)

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.
(Bank Hols here in the UK- yipppeeeee!!)

Sarah x