Friday, 24 August 2012

Of Knights and Ninjas


I have managed to wrestle the iPad from the kid's grubby mitts for long enough to actually write a post!

[I am totally looking forward to a return to routine. Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays- but things just get a little, well, bonkers.]

Wait a sec.... What's that? I can hear the sound of marching feet...

Hey! It's the crochet Korknisse Knights, or Korknightsse, as they like to call themselves.

Hello, fellas! How are you?

What, you haven't got any weapons yet? Well, be careful, won't you?

But who's that?

Watch out, Korknightsse! Behind you...

.... it's the Korknisse NINJAs!

They're a deadly and dastardly duo..

You naughty little blighters.

Ok, so the knights and ninjas are free patterns from the lovely Lucy Ravenscar's blog. The knights were made for my nephew, who is doing something 'knight-ish' at school in Sept and the Ninjas for my son, who has demanded 'hundreds more'.

Good excuse to drink more wine, methinks.

Mwaaa haaaaa haaaaa!

Oh, and the crochet cushion cover (pattern from here) is coming along nicely...

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!