Friday, 6 April 2012


I'm on crochet over-drive at the mo.

Crochet flower

First, I need new stock for the real-life shop; Easter's nearly done, so time to get ready for the summer (Jubilee-Olympics-tastic, methinks).
AND I have stupidly cleverly volunteered to have a crafty stall at the local Duck Race to raise money for the school. 
[Yes - a duck race! Imagine a gazillion yellow plastic ducks bobbing down the local stream with crowds of people cheering them on. Add a barbecue, some stalls and the usual fun and games and you've got a jolly day out.]
Anyhoo, I have tricked persuaded my clever, crafty neighbour to help out with making some of her lovelies for the stall too.
Oh, AND she has got me back repaid the compliment by booking us in for a stall at the local hospice for another fun day!      

Sooooooo, I've been making bucket-loads of little flowers to adorn many new things and thought I might share the pattern - It's nothing fancy, but is the result of much mucking around with yarn and hooks trying to get something which was quick to make and looked like a flowery thing.

For anyone who would like to try to make a flower, here is how I make mine:
I used: 
Rico Creative Cotton
Size 6mm hook
(If you want a smaller flower, then try a 4mm hook)

I also use US terms when writing patterns, but don't worry, it's easy to translate:
US Single Crochet = UK Double Crochet. 
US Double Crochet = UK Treble Crochet

First, make a magic ring and make 5 single crochets into it.
OR: Chain 2 and make 5 single crochets in the 2nd chain from the hook.
Slip stitch into the first sc

1. Chain 3 (counts as single crochet and chain 2)

Crochet flower

    *sc in next single crochet stitch, ch 2* around 4 more times
     Slip stitch into chain 1 of that first ch3 you made.
(you have just made 5 loops for the 5 petals to be made on)

Crochet flower

2. Slip stitch into the loop (chain2-space).
    Chain 2, 3dc, chain 2, slip stitch into same ch2-space.
(one petal made)

Crochet flower

   *sl st into next ch-sp, ch2, 3dc, ch2, sl st* in each ch2-space around to make the 5 petals.

You could finish here, if you want.
No? Want to add another row of petals? Read on..

Turn the flower over and take a look. See those 5 scs you made in round 1? 
You will be single crocheting around each of these and joining them with a chain of 3 stitches to make the next set of loops for the next set of petals.
T'is easy. You will work behind the petals you just made.

Crochet flower

3. Single crochet around the first sc from round 1.
   Ch 3
   Continue *sc, ch3* around. Sl st into first sc.
You have made 5 loops (ch3-spaces)

Crochet flower

Want to change colour? Snip yarn and pull through. Attach new colour to your hook using a slip-knot.

4.  *sl st, ch2, 5dc, ch2, sl st* into each ch-3space repeat around. 
(I usually tie the ends of the old and new yarns together after completing the first petal).

Crochet flower

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Crochet flower


Crochet flower

They really are very quick and easy to make. 
Try using chunky yarn and a big ol' hook to make mahoooosive flowers (great for brooches).
Want to add another row of petals? Repeat round 3, but chain 5 between each sc.
Then repeat row 4, but make 7 dcs, instead of 5.          

If you fancy a flower with more or less petals, then adjust the number of single crochets you make into the original magic ring or chain loop.

Oh, and I really should warn you, they're a leeeeeeetle bit addictive once you start.

Enjoy these Easter Weekend, all.